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Online Engraving - engraving for trophies, medals and more

Often it is only a great engraving that gives a cup, a medal or a letterbox sign the special something and the special individuality. For example, if you host a sports tournament for children, adolescents or adults, you are sure to get a cup for each of the first three teams to land on the podium. That's just part of it. In the area of ​​children and adolescents, of course, even all the leading teams are looking forward to a nice cup! Because cups show that you have been there, they are often the motivation for next time to compete again. Cups & Co. can be engraved at Online Engraving, your Swiss online shop for individual labels.

Original engravings of every kind

It is not uncommon for award ceremonies to award engraved medals to each participant in addition to the trophies. Here at Online Engraving you can of course also provide such personal awards with a matching engraving. But not only in the sportive area an engraving characterizes a metal object in a personal way - just think about the letterbox sign. We also serve this category at Online Engraving.

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